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Pool Parties

Many of our members enjoy having birthday parties and dinner gatherings at Barclay Downs. In order to help us best accommodate everyone, please remember the following:

  • All parties must be pre-approved and registered at least 7 days in advance by pool management.  Please contact Katie Buttcher directly at katieb@aquatechpm.com or 704.654.2655.
  • Parties will be limited to a maximum number of 25 swimmers, including members and non-members.  Guest fees apply to non-members.  Parents or guardians may accompany swimmers within reason and at the discretion of pool management.
  • Parties are limited to a maximum of three hours in duration.
  • Party reservations are on a first come, first served basis.
  • The number of parties occurring at the same time will be limited to 1-2, depending on the size, timing of the party, and time of year, at management’s discretion.
  • At least 3 days prior, the host will provide pool management with the host name, contact phone number, number to be expected for the party (swimmers and non-swimmers), a list of members to be expected, and a list of guests to be expected.  These lists will assist the front desk during check in.
  • At the time of the party, the host must be at the front desk to assist with welcoming his or her guests and with checking in.
  • The host must be present during the full hours of the party.
  • An extra lifeguard may be required for the party at the host’s expense.  The lifeguard can also assist the host with set up and clean up.