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2021 Swim Lessons

Please email the coaches to schedule a lesson.

Enzo     enzopazos_94@hotmail.com
Dima     sydorchenkod@gmail.com
They charge $35 for a 30 min private lesson.

Monday/Wednesday/Friday 10:15-11:15
Saturday 10:15-10:45
Tuesday/ Thursday 9:15-10:45    

Level I - Learn to Swim: Primary Skills

Purpose: To build on the fundamental aquatic locomotion, safety.

This group is for children:
2 ½ years or older
Cannot float on their own
Will not put their head completely underwater
(Basically, they can’t swim and have never had swim lessons)

Learning Objectives:

Demonstrate step-in entry and side exit
Perform flutter kick on front and back
Demonstrate finning on back

Level 2 - Learn to Swim: Stroke Readiness

Purpose: To build on the aquatic locomotion, safety, and rescue skills presented in Level I by providing participants with additional guide practice.

This group is for children:
Able to float on their own and kick towards a person in the water
Will completely submerge their head underwater
Can jump from the side of the pool to a person in the water

Learning Objectives:

Demonstrate unsupported front and back float or glide
Level off from a vertical position
Demonstrate turning over, back to front and front to back
Demonstrate bobbing
Jump into deep water from side of pool

Level 3 - Learn to Swim: Stroke Development

Purpose: To develop confidence and competency in the aquatic locomotion.

This group is for children:
Able to do the skills listed in the “Learning Objectives” for Level 1 and 2

Learning Objectives:
Retrieve object, unsupported, with eyes open
Reverse direction while swimming on front and back
Demonstrate the ability to breath to the left and right side
Dive from the side of the pool (if water depth permits) from stride and standing positions
Build endurance by swimming freestyle and backstroke, half a length to a full length of the pool
Jump off diving boards and swim to side on their own

Level 4 - Learn to Swim: Stroke Refinement

Purpose: To coordinate and refine the key strokes presented thus far in the Learn to Swim program and to introduce the butterfly, open turns, the feet-first surface dive, and springboard diving.

This group is for children who:
Swam on the swim team OR are able to complete a length of the pool on their own.
Can swim freestyle, backstroke and breaststroke

Learning Objectives:
Improve freestyle, backstroke and breaststroke technique
Become more efficient and stronger in the water
Demonstrate the ability to swim butterfly
Demonstrate freestyle and backstroke flipturns
Demonstrate breaststroke turns and pullouts
Dive off of the diving board head first

Level 5 - Learn to Swim: Skill Proficiency

Purpose: To polish strokes presented in previous levels, swim them with greater ease, efficiency, power, and smoothness over greater distances, and to introduce additional turns..

This group is for children who:
Compete for the Barclay Downs Swim Team AND/OR are able to swim multiple laps in all four strokes

Learning Objectives:
Enhance ability to perform strokes introduced at previous levels
To be a better, faster, stronger and more efficient swimmer
Fast flipturns in all strokes
Clean entry on starts and explosion off of the starting blocks.
Advanced breathing techniques
Racing strategies
Explore options for year round swimming